'BEHAVIOR' | Official Trailer (1080P HD) PARPUNK STUDIO

“VJ...혼돈스러운 신조어! 콘서트와 파티, 그리고 티브이의 음악프로그램에서 볼 수 있지만 그들이 누구인지 우리는 알 수 없었다.
테크놀러지의 발전과 엔터테인먼트 산업의 발달로 생겨난 이 기묘한 장르는 기존의 이미지가 가지고 있던 수동적인 소통방법에서 탈피하여, 이미지가 직접적으로 움직이고 대중과 소통을 한다.
그리고 결정적으로 이미지는 사운드와 함께하면서 커뮤니케이션이 강력해진다. 이것은 가장 현대적인 커뮤니케이션의 장이며, 눈과 귀 그리고 공간까지 확장되는 새로운 장르의 시작이다.
일회성이라는 특수성을 가지고 있음에도 불구하고 어찌보면 짧디 짧막한 비주얼에 자신이 가지고 있는 생각을, 이미지를 담아낸다.
당신이 어떤 퍼포먼스를 보았을때, 어떤 공연을 보았을때, 그 현장의 비주얼에 압도당하였을때 이들은 존재한다.
2011년 여름, VJ PARPUNK와 7명의 VJ들이 시작한 Electronic Movement를 여러분들에게 소개한다.”

Director of Behavior

VJ...a confusing new word! We’ve seen it on concerts, parties and on TV yet we've never really known who were behind it all.
This unfamiliar genre was born as a consequence of the advancement of technology and the entertainment industry. The image now moves and responds to the music, achieving the level of communication that was never possible with passive static images of the past.
It is a very contemporary form of communication, utilising visual, musical and spatial senses at once.
The Vjs project momentary images yet embeds their thoughts despite the short time given.
When you are at some performances or concerts, there exists certain moments that you feel completely overwhelmed by the visuals and the overall atmosphere. That very moment is the reason for their existence.
2011 Summer, I am going to introduce to you the first Korean Electronic movement of VJ PARPUNK and 7VJs.

Director of Behavior


Presented by VIEWZIC viewzic.com
Produced by PARPUNK parpunk.com
Film by VM PROJECT vmproject.org
Directed by BEOM JIN, JO

BEHAVIOR | Trailer
Coming Sep, 2011

Documantary of korean VJ Scene
VIEWZIC is a group fomed naturally as the art and technolgy develop in this 21C.
This Video is Trailer for documentary which is about their first concert

Film Directed by
VM Project Director Group (Chief Producer Beom jin, jo)

Video Shooting Support by
Hyeonyeong Jang, Lim sol, Yohan joo

Presents by Viewzic

Program Foundation Artist PARPUNK

Featured VJ's

Featured Band
Mongoose, Telepathy, Casker,
PRIMARY and PLANET SHIVER, Glen Check, Ynot?

This Documantary Watch Viewzicclub
Which Consist of VJ Parpunk and 6 another Vjs,

VIEWZIC is a group formed naturally as the art and technology develop in this 21C. What we do are showing new performances to people using new media and
planning a fresh form of entertainment which is collaborated with art and technology. Starting with this first live concert ‘VIEWZICLUB’, “VIEWZIC” is now designing various projects that related with VISUAL + SOUND.


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